If you are interested in finding out how to incorporate essential oils into your home and life while promoting a healthy lifestyle, you’ve reached the right place!

What are essential oils? They’re highly concentrated pressed essences of flowers, seeds, barks, and other botanicals with incredibly strong scents. The methods used to get the oils from the plant vary – steam, pressure or solvent methods are popular. Once you realize the benefits they can have on your cleaning, beauty, and health routines, they will seem rather “essential.”

Popular essential oils include lavender (flower), lemon (fruit), and frankincense (tree bark), but there are hundreds of potent plant extracts and thousands of combinations you can make. Need a few ideas?

  1. Add lemon, orangelavender or mint to your homemade cleaning sprays for disinfecting power and fresh scent
  2. Add a few drops (lavender and tea tree oil are my family favs) on wool laundry balls before putting it in the dryer for a clean scent
  3. Add a few drops of your favorite scent (Stress Away and Citrus Fresh are my current favorites) to a diffuser to brighten up your space or unwind at the end of the day

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