Living Well - Cauliflower Bagels

Although it was slightly depressing at first to have to completely overhaul my diet, I’ve come out on the other side feeling better and actually being creative with the foods I prepare. Cauliflower is now a staple in my cooking because…

No gluten.

No dairy.

No soy.

So what’s left? Meat, veggies, and fruit. Of course, I have to go easy on the fruit because it’s super easy to overload on the sugar, even if it is natural. After the initial week of crippling headaches and exhaustion that left me on the couch for nearly three days straight (a triple ear infection at the same time probably didn’t help…) I emerged with a clear head and fewer carb cravings.


Every once in awhile I miss sandwiches or a nice chunk of bread to accompany my spaghetti squash pasta. Today I was missing porkroll egg and cheese. My kids are having it at camp today and reading it on the menu tinged my appetite. I got to thinking – and Googling – on how to replace grain-based bread with something I can eat. Yes, I know there are potato or rice flours that can be used to bake, but I’ve found the “white-food-gut-bomb” makes me horribly sleepy and packs on weight overnight.

I am happy to say I’ve found a winner with cauliflower bagels!


Now, I’ll say this. If you go straight from OMG-GLORIOUS Panera bread to this, well, you are going to hate me. But, if you cut out all bread for a month and THEN eat this, you will experience angels on your shoulders singing.


Since it’s not my recipe to share or publish, I will link to it here on The Iron You.

Gather the following ingredients and then jump over to the link above for the complete recipe.

  • Small head of cauliflower
  • Coconut flower
  • Almond flower
  • Garlic powder
  • Baking soda
  • Eggs
  • Poppy seeds, sesame seeds, minced garlic or minced onion for topping

I skipped the toppings mainly because I wanted to see what the “bagel” would taste like on its own. They were great. Just so you know, when you are forming them into patties you will REALLY need to squeeze them out and they will still form as if they were mashed potatoes.

In fact, the basic mixture of cauliflower “rice” (I eat this almost every night), egg and seasoning could probably be fried or baked into other forms of bread…

/stops typing for a moment, lightbulb goes off in head…/ LIKE A PIZZA CRUST!!!!

Be right back, I gotta try that!