Living Well - Getting Beyond Diets

Ever get super excited at the beginning of a (new) diet (plan) and go all gung-ho with food shopping and journaling because this time will be different? That’s me right now.

~~WHEEE I just made ground turkey chili without beans for dinner that really didn’t look anything like chili but I was dang happy to eat it! ~~

On my nurse practitioner’s recommendation (*talk to your own health professional please, I’m clearly NOT a pro!) I joined Beyond Diet to get some serious idiot-proof nutritional hand-holding. My other option was 12 weeks of appointment with a personal nutritionist. While I agree that would be the best option, it would also cost a mortgage payment (WITHOUT food.) There is no doubt having a person to pay attention to my diet for an hour a week would help because heaven knows I don’t pay attention to my diet for anywhere near that amount of time.

I’m not going to lie, weight loss is my goal AND has been the thing that seems to be slipping away from middle-aged me. Every few months a few new pounds creep on and old ones can’t be shaken off. (Note: Maybe I need more Taylor Swift “Shake It Off” dancing in my life…) I confessed to my nurse that I was pretty much throwing in the towel and chalked up my inability to lose weight and keep from slowly gaining it to:

  1. my age
  2. being a woman my age
  3. the fact that I’m overweight already

She disagreed and said there is no reason I can’t get to a comfortable and healthy weight. It’s not strictly about size for me but I will admit that I feel better at a smaller size clothing.

I go to the gym. I eat healthily. I don’t eat ‘garbage.’ So what gives?!

It’s no secret that foods that cause inflammation make me feel like a sloth and make my skin get crazy. The Beyond Diet system seems to eliminate that and coincide with what my nurse practitioner recommends for me.

I started a 14-day kickoff program this evening and have at least committed to completing it without stepping on a scale.

Here’s hoping I’m not starving all the time!