Living Well - How to Get Rid of Ants Naturally Around Pets

True story: This morning I came down to take care of our brand new puppies (my mom and son already had them outside by 7am) and found the dog food bowl was left out all night. You KNOW what that means, right?

No less than 39 million ants swirling inside the food and swarming on my kitchen floor. I should have taken a picture, it was beautifully mesmerizing and utterly horrifying at the same time. After taking everything outside, bagging it up, and washing it off I still had to get rid of the 1 million or so ants bum-rushing my kitchen.

I had a homemade essential oil spray bug repellant for my kids for camp, so I grabbed it and sprayed where the ants were. Literally, every ant left hightailed it outside. I was just sure to start spraying furthest from the door and work my way to the door so they didn’t get trapped in my kitchen. The stragglers met the underside of my flip flop. I then mopped using Thieves Household Cleaner diluted in water – about three capfuls to a half bucket of hot water. The Thieves cleaner contains both lemon and clove oil (both strong ant repellants) so this should¬†be extra protection from those little buggers coming back and stealing dog food.

[ EDIT: The ants found another way in the house after I drove them back with this method! I came down to the kitchen one morning and found ants STREAMING out from behind a wall power outlet above the counter. Apparently, the ants will ‘split’ and find a new way to a beloved food source. They made their way up the wall and into the spice cabinet! Everything is super sealed, so they didn’t damage anything, but a strong mixture of Thieves cleaner and water sprayed and left on the counter threw the colony into a panic and I haven’t seen them since! ]

Since it worked so well for me I thought someone else could use the recipe. Use along door thresholds, baseboards, pet food storage containers. Of course, always consult your vet to make sure this mixture is right for YOUR pet.

Put it all in a dark glass or aluminum spray bottle and shake before use.